Spring Blossoms

Saturday, March 8, 2008


The feeling that is happiness
Comes from an inner sun.
Its warmth conveys to us the sense
Life's struggle we have won.

Just like the sun we make the warmth
With our activities
That reach out to the limits of
Innate capacities,

To others and to God as well;
And all at the same time.
The warmth created then gives life
It's reason and its rhyme.

Attempts to gather things of life
We think make happiness
Will fail because there's not enough
To fill the emptiness.

Say "reaching out..." becomes a score.
Then happiness will be
Just playing all the notes of it
In perfect harmony.

We 'play' ourselves but join as well
Together in our 'band'.
When there's just happiness perhaps
We'll see in it God's hand.


I fed the hummingbirds today.
I can't for certain tell you why.
They're such inspiring little birds.
I like to see them round me fly.

A brain small as a grain of rice;
A 'finger' flown by two inch wings;
To see them hover, dart about;
Is one of the most awesome things.

The Rufus has a bib that glows
Just like a pretty hologram.
And when he shows his neck to us
He says with beauty, "God I am".

If two decide they can not share
They start to hover face to face
And then a helix they create
As they fly straight up into space.

Now as I think the more I feel
The reason why I like these birds;
They could be angels in disguise,
A flock of little flying words.

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